Mobile Home Title

Both homeowners and lenders alike benefit when a title is perfected on a mobile home. Mobile homes without a clear title may be subject to actions by the previous owner making a claim to the home or even alleging that the initial transaction was fraudulent.

A clean title is required to prove that the current owner of a mobile home is indeed the legal owner. Without a perfected title, the resale of a mobile home may be impeded—in worst case scenarios, the owner may even lose his or her home altogether. Unfortunately, legal fees may rack up while trying to perfect the mobile home title down the road.

Homeowners aren’t the only ones affected by mobile homes with title issues; lenders can also have serious problems if the home enters foreclosure proceedings or if the owner files for bankruptcy. Without a clear title, the lender may lose all claims to a home even if the purchaser never pays for it. This can become even trickier if the owner borrows money to pay for land and a mobile home without a clean title. Should the buyer default on the loan, the lender will be required to remove the mobile home from the land itself, and will have no claim to the mobile home.

Complications may also arise if the previous lien holder never terminated its security interest. In this case, the lien holder may claim a security interest which overrides the lender’s claims in bankruptcy or foreclosure. If the previous lien holder is out of business, filing a legal motion to properly the release the lien may be necessary and complicated.

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