Mobile Home Transfer

Unlike a traditional home, a mobile home is classified by the Department of Motor Vehicles as an unpowered vehicle because of its axles, wheels and means of travel to its final destination. A mobile home could be considered similar to a recreational vehicle or camper because it can be moved to other locations.

In order to classify a mobile home as real estate rather than personal property, specific requirements need to be met. After compliance with the state’s requirements, a mobile home may then be classified as a permanent fixture on the land and the title can be surrendered.

Generally, the requirements needed to have a mobile home reclassified include: removing the wheels, axles, and hitch, placing the home on land that is owned and not leased, and formally tying the home to the land by filing a certificate of permanent location and surrendering the mobile home title.

Because a mobile home is considered a vehicle until the state’s legal requirements are met, a valid certificate of title from the DMV is required. This is important when selling or buying a mobile home, as the seller must take measures to properly transfer the title to the seller. If an owner wishes to sell or relocate a mobile home that has previously been classified as a permanent structure, he or she must apply for a new title and meet the state’s special provisions.

Attorney Wendy A. Owens assists clients who are in the process of purchasing or selling a mobile home in Georgia, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Ms. Owens is a member of the Real Property Division of the North Carolina State Bar and the Real Property Division of the Georgia Bar. She has the experience and skill necessary to ensure that mobile home title requirements and met and can efficiently facilitate the transfer of mobile home titles.

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